Penang Medical College (PMC) offers a unique medical programme combining a world-class education in Ireland with a superb clinical curriculum in Penang.

  • PMC graduates are awarded medical degrees of the National University of Ireland. Such degrees are internationally renowned and a hallmark of quality and excellence
  • Students spend the first half of their degree studying at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) or University College Dublin (UCD). Both colleges are based in Dublin, one of the world’s safest, friendliest and most cultured cities in Europe
  • The clinical curriculum is based in Penang, where pre-clinical training gained in Ireland is applied. Penang is home to some of the best teaching hospitals in Malaysia ensuring the highest possible standard of clinical training
  • PMC students benefit from a truly outstanding student experience, with access to hundreds of clubs, societies and extra-curricular pursuits
  • Graduates of PMC join a valuable global network of alumni which extends into every healthcare system in every country across the globe

World Class Education, Global Recognition

At Penang Medical College you will experience a unique medical programme well known for its quality, which combines a world-class education in Ireland, with a dynamic and innovative clinical curriculum in Penang, Malaysia.

PMC medical students spend the first two and a half years of the programme at one of our world renowned educational partners: the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), or University College Dublin (UCD). The second, clinical half of the programme is spent in Penang, where students benefit from one-to-one mentorship and undertake a rigorous, rotation-based curriculum at the best teaching hospitals in Malaysia.

A global qualification

Penang Medical College graduates are awarded medical degrees of the National University of Ireland (NUI).

PMC graduates receive exactly the same qualification as graduates who complete the full medical programme in Ireland. The NUI medical degrees awarded to PMC graduates is a globally recognised and highly coveted international mark of quality and excellence.

Dublin – a city of education, warmth and culture

Dublin is one of the world’s safest, friendliest and most exciting capital cities.  As well as offering all the benefits of a prosperous, modern city, Dublin is steeped in history, education and culture.


Ireland is internationally recognised for its high standards in education, and RCSI and UCD are two of the most prestigious medical schools in the country. As a PMC student, you will experience the very best campus facilities, in a dynamic and diverse environment, all minutes away from beautiful parks, historic Georgian architecture and superb cultural offerings.

As a gateway city, Dublin is the perfect hub for affordable travel to the rest of Europe. London, Rome, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona are all within easy reach. While in Ireland you can benefit from the country’s small size. Dublin can be your base to enjoy stunning Irish scenery and experience the many historic sites scattered across the country’s four provinces.

An exceptional clinical curriculum in Penang

Upon returning to Penang for the second half of the medical programme, you will be exposed to a robust, internationally accredited clinical curriculum at Malaysia’s busiest and most well-established teaching hospitals exclusive to PMC medical students.

The clinical programme is delivered by an expert clinical faculty, which includes more than 35 professors and lecturers in medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry, public health and general practice. PMC students benefit from one-to-one mentorship, small class sizes and modern innovative teaching styles set in a supportive community of teachers, students, administrative staff and friends.

PMC’s clinical curriculum is under constant review and enhancement and is subject to continued cooperation and input from RCSI and UCD. The programme is recognised and accredited by the Irish and Malaysian medical councils and is widely commended for the rigorous and immersive approach it uses to train young doctors.

The PMC campus is centrally located on two sites close to the heart of Georgetown, a UNESCO heritage site. It is within a five-minute walk of Penang Hospital, where most of the clinical teaching takes place. Campus facilities include a 200-seat lecture theatre, modern seminar rooms, a fully equipped multimedia centre, video conferencing facilities, research laboratories, a fully-stocked academic library, a clinical skills laboratory, a cafeteria and student study areas.

An unforgettable student experience

College life should be a healthy balance between work and play. While the workload is demanding, we want you to experience the full spectrum of student life in Ireland and Malaysia.

PMC graduates never forget their time in Dublin and their student experience at RCSI and UCD. When you choose PMC, you gain access to more than 130 student societies, including the Malaysian Medical Society as well as debating, film, theatre, art and culture societies. For those interested in sports the opportunities are limitless. PMC students can choose from nearly 100 RCSI/UCD sports clubs and have access to world-class sports facilities including an Olympic swimming pool and fully equipped, campus-based gymnasiums.

In Penang, students are encouraged to balance their academic and clinical commitments with membership of the PMC Student Association. The Student Association offers a host of sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities for the PMC student community.

A global alumni network

As a graduate of Penang Medical College you will join an esteemed and growing global alumni network. In July 2017, the 1500th doctor graduated from Penang Medical College, joining a global community of world-class doctors. PMC graduates have taken up senior positions in countries as diverse as Malaysia, Ireland, Australia, the United States, Brunei, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Our graduates are a source of immense pride to PMC, RCSI and UCD. Because PMC graduates are awarded the same globally recognised qualifications as students of RCSI and UCD, they become part of a rich alumni network with centuries-old connections in countries and healthcare systems across the world.

This network includes a former President of Ireland, the President of UCD, the CEO of RCSI, and the current President of the Irish Medical Council. The alumni network is an invaluable source of guidance, support and assistance for the PMC graduate.

As a graduate of PMC you are benefitting from a status and qualification which has global recognition giving you limitless career opportunities.