Translating health evidence: Cochrane Malaysia motivates translators with achievement certificates

Cochrane Malaysia has just issued certificates of recognition to reward five translators and editors for their outstanding contribution to the Malay translation project in 2016. Dr. Teguh Haryo Sasongko, project manager of the Malay translation project, explains how annual certificates are motivating their volunteers.

Could you tell us more about your project?

Cochrane Malaysia has been making Plain Language Summaries accessible in the Malay language for the last 2 years, an initiative that would have been impossible without the generous help of translators and editors who are working on a voluntary basis. To thank volunteers for their work, we decided to create certificates to recognize translators and editors on an annual basis.

What are the criteria for receiving a certificate?

There are 3 categories of recognition:

  • Bronze is awarded for completing or editing 20 translations
  • Silver is awarded for completing or editing 35 translations
  • Gold is awarded for completing or editing 50 translations

Editors and Translators receive separate recognition. We have just recognised work completed between 1 January and 31 December 2016.

Who are the recipients of certificates for 2016?

They come from various medical and health institutions and universities in Malaysia and abroad. They are students, nurses, midwives, medical experts and other healthcare professionals who have generously contributed their precious time for this work. The PMC recipients are:

Dr. Tan May Loong, Cochrane author and Paediatrician and Senior Lecturer at Penang Medical College, recognized with a Gold Editor award. She said: “Since I started volunteering in the Malay Translation project, I find myself reading more reviews, even though most are plain language summaries and this has truly enriched me.”

Dr. Tan May Loong

Ms. Foo Sook Lee from Penang Medical College received a Gold Translator certificate.
Ms. Foo Sook Lee has been with the Ministry of Health for 29 years; a nurse for 12 years and a nurse educator for 17 years. She then joined Penang Medical College from 2013 until January 2017. She is now actively involved in social work with Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia as a national trainer.

Ms. Foo Sook Lee

Cochrane Community have announced the news via their mailing list, Facebook page and on the Cochrane Malaysia website. The announcement has been responded to in a positive manner, with the recognition encouraging more contributions to the project.

The full announcement is available here: http://community.cochrane.org/news/translating-health-evidence-cochrane-malaysia-motivates-translators-achievement-certificates