Improved safety standards a must after drownings


Friday, 20 Jul 2018

I REFER to the recent drowning incidents during the triathlon in Port Dickson.

I understand that an enquiry is underway. Many questions emerged from these incidents.

Were safety guidelines followed? Were efforts made to obtain necessary expertise from external sources since every agency cannot be expected to have it in-house?

In this instance, did the organisers obtain assistance from, say, the Life Saving Society of Malaysia or an equivalent body?

It is not difficult to search and find information/expertise in this digital age.

A quick search for “triathlon safety” shows multiple sites with public domain guidelines.

It is not tenable for organisers to testify later that they were not aware of these guidelines (since these are available literally at their fingertips) or did not have the expertise.

The fact that organisers obtain consent from participants for a disclaimer for liability in case of injury or loss of life does not mitigate their moral or legal responsibilities to ensure safety.

Public accountability and reporting of investigations into such incidents will improve safety standards across all sectors.


Member, Water Activity Safety Council

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