Students are assigned to either the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) or University College Dublin (UCD) where they will undertake a comprehensive, system-based and outcome-focused programme in Dublin.

During these first five academic semesters, the main focus is on biomedical, early clinical sciences and clinical skills, where you will gain exposure to early patient contact.

A PMC student that completes his or her pre-clinical training in RCSI or UCD undertakes exactly the same course as those students who complete the full medical programme in Ireland.

Therefore, as a PMC student you are an integral component of the Irish medical school class and an important part of the broader student community. You will sit the same examinations and be subject to the same assessment standards as Irish medical school students.

You can find out more about our Dublin-based partner institutions on their respective websites:

Pre-Clinical Curriculum

The pre-clinical curriculum at RCSI / UCD gives PMC students:

  • A rigorous, world-class scientific programme
  • The skills and techniques necessary to learn independently
  • Early exposure to student research
  • A competitive, supportive, and truly international student environment
  • Best-in-class educational facilities

Topics and modules in the pre-clinical stage of the PMC medical curriculum include:

  • General and physical chemistry
  • Physics in medicine
  • Medicine and society
  • Medical genetics
  • Vascular / cardiac / respiratory / renal biology
  • Population health
  • Clinical science and healthcare informatics
  • Neuroscience
  • Mechanisms of disease
  • Paediatric diseases
  • Oncology and immunopathology
  • Disability
  • Infection and treatment

In order to gain the appropriate level of knowledge to enter the five-year course some students may be required to complete a Foundation Year. Malaysian students normally complete this Foundation Year in Penang, while other international students complete this year in Ireland.