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Every PMC student will spend the first two and a half years of the medical programme in Ireland. The educational relationship between Malaysia and Ireland is more than five decades old, and the expert support team at PMC will provide you with all the  advice and guidance that you need to manage your immigration requirements.

Overseas students arriving in Ireland are subject to immigration regulations. The following documents must be provided:

  1. Passport (and visa if required)
  2. Letter of admission to the medical college
  3. Letter of guarantee indicating the amount of annual funds that you have available to support your time in Ireland
  4. Three passport-sized photographs

EU Nationals and citizens of certain other countries will not require a visa.

Citizens of the following countries will not require a visa:

Japan Korea
Malaysia New Zealand
Singapore Guatemala
South Africa Australia
Brunei Canada
Hong Kong (Special) Malawi
United States of America EU countries

If you do need a visa to fulfill your Irish immigration responsibilities, the team at Penang Medical College will provide you with all the necessary information and procedure once your application to PMC has been processed and approved.