Helping Premies via Kangaroo Mother Care – An Interactive Workshop

26 February 2018

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) has been proven to be an effective method to improve neonatal health outcomes, especially among low birth weight infants. KMC is also the essential link to initiate and maintain breastfeeding. This special kind of care is simple and inexpensive, yet brings immense benefits and satisfaction to infants, their mothers (and even fathers). KMC is feasible both in a hospital setting and even at home.

However, awareness about KMC and its implementation are still in an infantile phase both among health professionals and the public.

This hands-on, interactive workshop is aimed at creating awareness about KMC and how to implement KMC in your own setting.

Who should attend?
Healthcare professionals involved in caring for premature and low birth weight infants both in the hospital and in the community clinics.

Workshop Details

Date: Monday, 26 February 2018

Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Venue: Penang Medical College (click for map)

KMC Workshop Flyer 2018 & Registration Form (with trainer biography for HRDF claims)

Main Trainers

Dr Foong Wai Cheng

Associate Professor Foong Siew Cheng

Dr Tan May Loong

Dr Hasmawati Hassan


Sr Zurina Ahmad, Sr Sharifah Ahmad, Sr Roslina Basri, SN Juliana Zulkifli, JM Nurmaziah Rahimi

*The above are trained KMC educators under the SEA-URCHIN project.

*SEA-URCHIN: South East Asia Using Research for Change in Hospital


Time Programme
0830-1000 Registration Open. Networking for KMC advocacy nationwide
1000-1030 Introduction to KMC

Interactive stations (60 minutes each)

Station 1: KMC positioning
Station 2: Feeding cues and LATCH score
Station 3: Well baby versus ill baby
Station 4: Empowering parents and staffs

1230-1330 Networking and Lunch
1330-1530 Continue the remaining stations

Barriers and enablers to the Implementation of KMC:

How to make it work in your centres

1630-1700 Summary and closing

For Queries?
Please contact Ms Nila or Ms Tharani:
Via email (Ms Nila): nila@pmc.edu.my
Via phone (Ms Tharani): 04-2171999 ext 1949