The student experience in Dublin is unforgettable and something that you will always remember. As a RUMC student, you are encouraged to experience the full spectrum of social and cultural aspects of college life in addition to their studies.

RCSI and UCD have a wealth of student societies with a range of offerings to suit all tastes. Whether you are interested in the arts, outdoor pursuits, volunteering or medical societies, there is society to match your interests. Both colleges have a network of sports clubs, as well as sports grounds and fitness facilities.

RCSI and UCD sports clubs include:

Tennis Volleyball
Soccer Rugby
Sailing Kayaking
Golf Handball
Hockey Kung Fu (Shaolin)
Tae Kwon Do Mixed Martial Arts
Swimming & Water Polo Judo & Karate
Windsurfing Golf
Table-tennis Squash
Kick-boxing Ninjitsu
Trampoline Ultimate Frisbee

RCSI and UCD societies include:

Drama Society English Literary Society
International Students Society Religious Societies
Medical Societies Philosophy Society
Biological Society Art Society
Choral Society Dance Society
Photography Society Red Cross Society
Psychology Society Physiology Society
Juggling Society Science Fiction Society
World Aid Society Mathematical Society
Games Society Film Society
Comedy Society Chess Club

Highlights from Medical School

With its unique ‘best-of-both worlds’ medical programme, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (formerly Penang Medical College) prides itself on delivering a world-class student experience.