Policy for Agents & Potential Students working with Agents



Penang Medical College is wholly-owned by two world-renowned medical universities, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Dublin (UCD).

With a global profile, PMC works closely with a number of education representatives (also known as agents or counsellors) with around the world, who can help you find out more information about PMC, RCSI & UCD, our programmes and entry requirements, as well as provide guidance on the application process.

Agents working with PMC, will not charge students any fees or payment directly. Our agents are paid commissions by PMC.

PMC nor our agents will charge an application fee.

Please remember, that PMC also has an online application system: www.pmc.edu.my/apply-now/

Students can select the Agent assisting them from the list in this system.

IMPORTANT: Only valid agents are listed. Currently, PMC only has agents in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.



PMC works with representatives overseas to promote the medical school and programme offerings. If you are currently a representative working with PMC, you can obtain information on PMC courses, application to PMC, offers and acceptance, important dates, documents and fee information from PMC. We will also provide electronic and/or printed promotional materials available for your use. Please contact PMC staff at enquiry@pmc.edu.my for information.

PMC only works with reputable agents in select countries. We welcome companies to submit a company profile and other details to offer your services for PMC. Agents may be appointed for undergraduate and/or postgraduate programmes.

Agents are not allowed to charge students directly. Commissions are paid by PMC.

For further information, please contact our team at enquiry@pmc.edu.my