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For the first two and a half years of the programme, students undertake their biomedical and early clinical sciences studies in RCSI or UCD in Ireland, returning to Malaysia for a further two and a half years to complete extensive clinical training in Penang.

Students are awarded the medical degrees of the National University of Ireland, receiving the same qualifications as those who complete a full programme in Ireland. Irish medical degrees are recognised and prized worldwide.

To ensure the highest standards are maintained, the programme is rigorously evaluated and is subject to continuous quality assurance, underpinned by external examiners from around the world. The programme is accredited by both the Irish and Malaysian Medical Councils.

Accreditation Logos

External Examiners

Forensic Legal MedicineGeneral Practice/Family MedicineMedicineObstetrics and GynaecologyOphthalmologyOtorhinolaryngologyPaediatricsPsychiatryPublic HealthSurgery
Forensic Legal Medicine:

  • Associate Professor Gilbert Lau

Centre for Forensic Medicine, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore

General Practice/Family Medicine:

  • Professor Teng Cheong Lieng

Head, Department of Family Medicine, International Medical University, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


  • Professor Dato’ Dr. (Mrs.) Kew Siang Tong

International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

  • Professor Yong Eu Leong

Senior Consultant & Head of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, National University of Singapore

  • Professor Dr Kulenthran Arumugam

Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Office, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Associate Professor Dr. Wan Hazabbah bin Wan Hitam

Head & Senior Lecturer, Consultant Ophthalmologist & Neuro-ophthalmologist, School of Medical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia Health Campus, Kelantan, Malaysia

  • Dr. Lai Yoon Kee

Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang, Malaysia


  • Professor Dr. Abdullah Sani Mohamed

Department of ORL Head and Neck Surgeon, UKM Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Mr. S.P. Palaniappan,
Consultant ENT Surgeon

Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang


  • Professor Michael Cosgrove

Singleton Hospital, Swansea, Wales, England

  • Professor Dr Wan Ariffin Abdullah

Professor & Senior Consultant Paediatrician, Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Professor Thomas Fahy

Professor of Forensic Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry, London, United Kingdom

  • Professor Dr. Abdul Hamid bin Abdul Rahmah

Professor of Psychiatry, UKM Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Public Health:

  • Professor Dr Rahmah Mohd Amin

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu, Malaysia


  • Dr. R.R. Naidu

Hospital Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia